Bluestone Drop face tiles

Bluestone Paver Sizes

Bluestone Paver Sizes – How To Choose Dimensions

By choosing Bluestone paver sizes you will have an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of tile dimensions.

This is an important consideration, as the tile size plays an important role in determining the final result. In the past, the general rule of thumb was small tiles for small areas and large tiles for large areas.

However this is not the case for Bluestone. Large tiles formats are often used for small areas with dramatic results. For large external areas a tile of at least 500x500mm or greater works best. Common sizes for Bluestone are 500x500mm, 600x300mm, 800x400mm, 600x600mm and 1000x500mm.

Uses for Basalt

While it isn’t as widely used as limestone or granite, basalt does have some uses. It can be used for structural building materials, like bricks or foundations, and sculptures. Certain shapes of basalt can be used for cobblestones and exterior road or landscape materials. And when it is heated and processes in a certain way, it can produce a product known as stone wool, which is used as a thermal insulating product. Samples of basalt from the moon and Mars are most frequently seen as museum samples or in high-end personal rock collections.

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