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Bluestone Pavers Thickness – What To Choose?

Bluestone Pavers Thickness

There are many different types of Bluestone pavers, the colour, quality and essential aesthetic beauty varied according to where it the Bluestone has been quarried. Our Bluestone has been carefully selected for its character, colour and superior honed surface. Just the right amounts of “cats paw” (little surface holes) are present to add interest, while the surface has been evenly honed for a very consistent finish.

We recommend 20mm thickness of Bluestone tiles for general use over a concrete slab in exterior applications, as the additional strength provided by the thicker stone resists movement in the substrate and provides a very stable platform for vehicles in driveway applications.

30mm thick Bluestone Pavers which are suitable for pool coping, very high wear areas or for laying in the more traditional method over crushed rock with mortar.