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    $57.86 per m2
    Moonstone is a blue-grey colour with some lustre. 

    Moonstone Crazy

    $57.86 per m2
    Moonstone is similar to the Golden Brown, however contains less grey tones. 

    Golden Brown Crazy

    $61.20 per m2
     Golden Brown contains beige and sand tones with some grey colours in the background. 

    Granite Light Grey - Seconds

    $59.25 $46.00 per m2
    Our Light Grey Granite has the lightest colouration of all the Granites.

    Granite Modena Arris

    $42.51 per piece
    Our Modena granite is a multi-colour granite and displays natural swirls of colour giving the granite a life of its own.  For this reason, it is often used as a feature within itself and not just to give contrast to other design features in the project.

    Travertine Biege

    $89.47 $49.48 per m2
    Our premium grade – Classico undergoes critical inspection to ensure there is minimal colour variation between pieces and the least number of holes.

    Amber Drop Face

    $55.00 per piece

    Amber contains a blend of cool autumn colours which ranges between mottled greens, yellows and occasional oranges

    Granite Royal Bullnose

    $25.80 per piece
    Our Royal granite is one of our most popular stones as it works well with most colour schemes.

    Arabian Cream Drop Face

    $65.00 $38.66 per piece
    Arabian cream consists of warm cream hues with minimal colour variation. Some subtle outlines of shells exist in the background.

    Multi Colour Cobble

    $73.00 per m2
    We’ve now introduced a matching cobble to our range of Limestone pavers. Much like the paver, the cobble has a cleft finish which adds slip resistance to the stone. To facilitate for easier handling and fixing the cobble has been calibrated which reduces thickness variation.

    Travertine Classico French Pattern 12 mm

    $75.21 $52.65 per m2
    Our premium grade – Classico undergoes critical inspection to ensure there is minimal colour variation between pieces and the least number of holes.

    Travertine Silver Small French

    $97.74 $73.31
    Our Travertine originates from Turkey. When it is quarried it is graded into different classes, Premium, Standard and Commercial.

    Ardex WJ50

    $33.50 each
    Visualise how different grout colours change the overall appearance of your tiling project. The right grout colour can transform the look of a space, either accenting or blending with the tile. Select your tile colour and then explore the different grout colours to assist you choose the best grout colour for your project easily. Remember that colours displayed digitally may vary from actual, see in-store to check your choices.



    $43.00 each
    CTA Prohesive MEGALITE is a premium high performance polymer modified multi-purpose, high flexibility, high strength adhesive in a lightweight formula with high coverage an excellent handling characteristics for a wide variety of floor and wall tile installations. CTA Prohesive MEGALITE will not sag or slip on walls and offers non-slump performance for large format floor tile installations. Recommended for thin or medium bed applications up to 20 mm thick on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

    Proset Super

    $17.50 each
     Prohesive Proset Super is a rigid, high strength adhesive used for bond tiles and pavers over masonry substrates. 


    6 mm notched trowel size 6.6 m2 

    10 mm notched trowel size 4.5 m2


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