Travertine Beige

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Our premium grade – Classico undergoes critical inspection to ensure there is minimal colour variation between pieces and the least number of holes.
A great choice for swimming pools
This stone is well equipped to handle Australian conditions
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Travertine truly captivates the timeless beauty of natural stone as it has been a popular paving choice for millennia now. The prized stone is formed in many places all over the world, however we carefully select several different grades out of Turkey. The quality determinants that decide the grade of Travertine are colour variation and hole distribution and depth. A premium grade will have less colour variation and holes.

All our Travertine has been tumbled to enhance the stones inherit character creating a ‘softer’ and more ‘antique’ feel. Additionally, the lighter colours mean the stone is much cooler underfoot which is great for pools and other outdoor areas in the summer. With all travertine you have the option to fill in the holes during the grouting process.

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