Granite Pool Coping Pavers – Light Grey

Colour: Light Grey

Size: 600mmx300mm

Drop down Face 75mm. Thickness: 20mm

Granite pool coping drop down face, featuring light grey colour, Granite is a very durable, non slip and easy to maintain outdoor paving stone which is resistant to colour changes from U.V light. On this basis it is suitable for all outdoor areas as well as pool surrounds.

All our Granite is flamed to create a non slip surface as well as enhancing the colours inherent in the stone. After flaming, the granite tiles have been further worked so they are pleasant to touch, great for indoor and outdoor applications including pool coping tiles, step treads and garden edge capping pavers.

Granite is very well priced, especially when compared to man made concrete products, and is a far superior product.

Pool Coping Tiles – Light Grey Granite

Today I’d like to talk about Flamed Light Grey Granite coping tiles.
Pool coping tiles are the tiles which finish off your project and make it look truly spectacular.
The first type that I’d like to show you has a bullnose profile so that’s got a rounded front edge on it.
The surface has a lovely flamed finish and is complemented by a lovely round edge.
Traditionally this is used on step treads, verandah edges and in days gone past pool surrounds but we’ve got something even more modern to show you in a moment for that purpose.

This is a new type of finish, it’s quite difficult to do from a manufacturing perspective because the surface is flamed. The flat surface here is also flamed and there is a bevel on either side to try to contain it and frame the flaming effect.
This is quite tough to do because the flame is very hot which runs over the granite and that splits it off giving it this slip resistant surface.
So this is a new type of arris and coping tile you may like to consider.

The favourite now-a-days though for pool surrounds is a 75mm drop face coping tile. It’s got this lovely face on it, it’s quite large, you don’t see a grout joint, it’s a very clean modern look.

If I show you the profile of the stone, you will see where the body of the stone has been cut out.
So it’s a lovely solid finish for any type of pool surround.

So if you’re considering light grey granite, have a look at our coping tiles for a truly spectacular finish.