Limestone Pavers Amber – Outdoor Paving DIY

Colour: Sandstone like colour/Multi colour

Size: 600mmx400mm

Thickness: 20mm

Limestone pavers Amber with its golden/light brown tones, which are similar to Sandstone colours is easy to colour co-ordinate in your house and garden projects.

A very dense and durable stone which requires only minimal maintenance to retain its classical and timeless beauty.

Due to these properties, this stone can be used for commercial applications, driveways and pool surrounds. We also stock 30mm material which can be used as a paver laid in packed sand.

Great for DIY Paving

Gidday, my name is Steve Edwards.
Today I would like to talk about one of my favourite Limestone, Amber.

This is a type of Limestone with a slaty cleavage, which has been split by hand, forms a lovely textured and slip resistance surface, with beautiful honey tones running through the tile and due to the textured surface it is quite slip resistant.

The stone itself is very dense, hard wearing, resistant to UV light and is easy to clean. It is perfect for the home handyman and professional alike.
You can use this stone as driveways, patios and other landscaping purposes.

Amber is great for pool surround tiles, due to it’s density, easy clean with high pressure hose, doesn’t absorb much heat thanks to it’s light colour, with complimentary bullnose coping tiles.

Amber is also economically priced, if you are considering landscaping stone with light colour, come to inspect our Amber.