Paving Stones – Outdoor Paving DIY

Colour: Dark Grey, Light Grey

Size: 300mmx150mm, 150mmx150mm

Thickness: 50mm

Paving stones are the latest new release in landscaping stone by Edwards. This exciting new stone allows the DIY person to quickly and easily build their own paths and even garden low walls with ease.

Best of all the end result is a natural stone path that looks like it was hand built by a craftsman.

DIY Guide: How to lay stone paving on crushed rock and sand

Stone pavers which has exceptional thickness and guillotined edge, they can be used as paving stones, laid direct into soil, sand or in this case, we use traditional method where we put down some fine rock first, afterwards sand, then laid paving stones into them.

DIY Step by step laying guide:

  • Site preparation: dig out existing substrate, allow 8-10 cm depth of crushed rock, afterwards sand, and paving stone on top of that.
  • Put in crushed rock.
  • Level the crushed rock.
  • A layer of sand on top, increase the flexibility of paving
    Ready to lay pavers, method 1: Set the pavers to desired level. Method 2: Match the existing level of surrounding ground.
  • Half sized pavers available for stretch bond pattern.
  • I used a rubber mallet to tap the tile into the position & level it.
  • Sweep in the white-washed sand as the grout joint.

Final result is outstanding with minimal time and effort to complete, the advantages/benefits of this paving is environmental friendly, it is permeable paving solution for water penetrate into substrate, if you are a keen gardener, it’s easy to keep your plants grown and healthy.