Slate Random Crazy – Outdoor Pavers Sunset

Colour: Autumn, Grey

Size: Random Crazy

Thickness: 20mm – 50mm

Sunset is a remarkable Slate random crazy as it boasts of autumn colours that suits the Australian environment and polygonal shapes that makes the final result, after laying, extraordinary.

Crazy paving (random shaped stone) has been used to create paths, garden features and outdoor landscaping for as long as gardeners have been digging the soil! Crazy paving means the size varies according to how the stone was quarried. The edges are usually hand cut, however occasionally one edge can be sawn due to the extraction process. Each crazy paving product is sized differently according to the quarries ability to produce ie. some crazy paving comes in large sizes and some the sizing is much smaller. The best way to view crazy paving is ultimately in the crates. Keep in mind big pieces do not always mean better, as they are usually broken into smaller sizes by the fixer so that they match with the surrounding stone when laid.

Sunset Slate crazy paving is also a very dense making it suitable for most type of landscaping including domestic & commercial applications. Due to the interesting shapes and extra thickness of the Slate it makes excellent stepping stones

Garden Stepping Stones

Today I’d like to introduce one of my favourite random crazy pavings, this is called Sunset.
It has a lovely autumn tones and in some of the stone, the background is a Slate grey colour.
I love this tone because it goes really really well in native gardens.
It can be laid with mortar and grout for crazy paving or it can used as stepping stones in the garden.

This Slate is really easy to clean and look after, it’s also economically priced.