Stone Pavers Black Velvet – Outdoor Paving DIY

Colour: Black/Charcoal

Size: 500mmx500mm

Thickness: 30mm

Limestone stone pavers black/charcoal colour 500x500mm, These outdoor pavers are 30mm thick, hardwearing and durable stone ideal for laying directly into sand, soil or on a crushed rock base as a walk path or stepping stones.

For heavy duty outdoor floor areas such as driveways or commercial paving, a concrete slab with a sand and cement based adhesive or mortar bed is recommended.

Thinking about landscaping? If you are a keen gardener or a professional landscaper, our stone pavers are great for exterior use, including garden paths, driveways and other high wear areas. They are suitable for mortar fixing in a driveway or garden path situation or just placing directly into soil for a meandering path.

Limestone Black Velvet – Great for DIY Paving

Today I’d like to talk about Limestone Black Velvet .
Black Velvet is a very hard variety of limestone, so dense it can be used on driveways, patios or any aspect of landscaping.
The stone has been calibrated to 20mm thick, making it very easy to lay whether it’s for the DIY
person or professional alike.
The stone has been split by hand creating a slightly textured surface on the stone which is very slip resistant.
While your laying it you do not need to use any harsh chemicals (actually this goes for all natural stone).
Best to keep tile surface as clean as possible as you go.
The stones colour, will soften to a slate grey colour over time.
Black Velvet is a very economically prices stone, so it’s a bit of a winner if you’d like to exam it for your next project.