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Why choose natural stone?
The unique nature of stone is that every piece is special. Stone has been formed over millions of years with every piece being one of a kind. It’s the imperfections in the stone that add to its beauty. Every stone slightly varies in colour and surface creating its own unique character. Collectively, the right stone can add a certain atmosphere to the living space you wish to create. This is not something that can be replicated with any man-made product such as porcelain.
Leading Melbourne Natural Stone Suppliers
For almost a century, the team at Edwards Slate & Stone have been the leading natural stone suppliers Melbourne has come to rely on. Our family business set the benchmark in natural stone tiles and surfaces since 1922 and has only advanced from there. Today, we’re known for our competitive prices, high-quality products, large stock holding, bargain clearance centre and range of stone treatment systems to keep your surfaces in perfect condition. Whether you’re looking for stone tiles to complement your garden or cheap pool pavers Melbourne, our expert team can assist you in finding the ideal fit for your home.
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