Bluestone Drop Face Class 1

Bluestone Drop Face Tiles

Bluestone drop face tiles for swimming pool coping, steps and raised garden beds.
See an exciting range of Bluestone pavers and tiles in our showroom/warehouse.

We display and stock Bluestone in all sizes with a complimentary range of pool copers, drop face tiles, bullnose tiles and arris edge tiles.

Class 1 Bluestone – China

This type of Bluestone is the best available in Australia and is our favourite. It is from a particular quarry in Fujian province in China and most closely resembles Australian Bluestone in colour, texture and catspaw distribution.

It is a stable type of bluestone and does not require fixing additives in the mortar making it a tradesman‘s favourite. This reduces costs substantially during the fixing process. Edwards was the first to release this bluestone into the Victorian market and it is unsurpassed in quality.

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