Bluestone tiles for Melbourne pools

Bluestone is a particularly iconic stone in Melbourne with it being used in many of our famous landmarks. Its endless versatility makes it a favourite choice for paving as it can be used for driveways, swimming pools and garden paths due to its hardwearing nature. We recommend bluestone tiles to Melbourne pool owners for their outdoor areas for a number of reasons, but largely because of their naturally coarse non-slip surface. On top of this, bluestone looks fantastic and is cheap, durable and known for its longevity. Our warehouse stocks the best bluestone pavers Melbourne has to offer at the most competitive prices.

Exclusive Class 1 bluestone supplier

Here at Edwards Slate & Stone, we offer different class types of high-quality bluestone.
Class 1: Our premium Bluestone has been used in Australian homes for decades and is the class preferred by landscapers. It captures the beauty of the Australian bluestone with similar blue-grey hues and “cats paw”. It will not warp when laid to Australian standards on a mortar base.
Class 2: The biggest difference in this class is the lighter grey tones. For best results, a fast setting adhesive should be used when fixing to a concrete slab. It’s significantly cheaper but does require fixing unlike Class 1.

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