Bluestone Drop Face

Bluestone Drop Face Tiles

Bluestone drop face tiles for swimming pool coping, steps and raised garden beds.
See an exciting range of Bluestone pavers and tiles in our showroom/warehouse.

We display and stock Bluestone in all sizes with a complimentary range of pool copers, drop face tiles, bullnose tiles and arris edge tiles.

Class 1 Bluestone – China

This type of Bluestone is the best available in Australia and is our favourite. It is from a particular quarry in Fujian province in China and most closely resembles Australian Bluestone in colour, texture and catspaw distribution.

It is a stable type of bluestone and does not require fixing additives in the mortar making it a tradesman‘s favourite. This reduces costs substantially during the fixing process. Edwards was the first to release this bluestone into the Victorian market and it is unsurpassed in quality.

Class 2 Bluestone – China

This type of Bluestone is from Hainan in China and is sold under different names, including local Australian suburbs. It is a hard and dense Bluestone, with a fine grain, it closely resembles a concrete look.

There are three different types from Hainan, a premium grade, a type that rusts prolifically over time, and a third grade which has significant colour variation. In all cases Hainan Bluestone must be chemically adhered during the fixing process.

This means chemical additives MUST be used during the fixing process. Failure to do often causes the stone to fail to bond to the mortar during the fixing process.

This type of Bluestone is significantly cheaper, but the cost of fixing is significantly more.

We only stock the premium grade of Hainan Bluestone.

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