Limestone Pavers and Tiles

Premium Arabian Series

We have an exciting new series of Egyptian limestones now available at Edwards. A certain uniqueness with limestone is that every piece has taken thousands of years to form. This history has manifested itself into our ‘Arabian Cream’ and ‘Arabian Beige’ stones. The contemporary colours make this stone a great choice for sleek and modern settings both indoor and outdoors. Both stones have a Honed and Tumbled finish creating a smooth surface with softened edges.
Arabian Cream
Arabian cream consists of warm cream hues with minimal colour variation. Some subtle outlines of shells exist in the background.

Arabian Beige
Arabian Beige is slightly darker with mocha tones. Prominent features include the intricate shell fossils on the surface adding more interest.
Desert Sand
Desert Sand whilst not a part of the Arabian series also comes from Egypt. Like its sister stones, Desert Sand also shares subdued outlines of shells. The stone is quite neutral in nature, consisting of grey tones. A key feature with this paver is that it has been hand sandblasted to provide a pleasant surface to touch with excellent slip resistance for outdoor areas.

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