Bluestone Stepping Stones

Make your landscaping project come to life using Bluestone stepping stones large.
This stone is well equipped to handle Australian conditions
This stone has extreme wear resistance
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Easy weekend project for paths
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It's easy to make your own garden path using stone from Edwards Slate & Stone. Our stepping stones, pavers and Basalt(Bluestone) rounds are quarried and cut from stone boulders, so they belong in garden settings.
All our natural stone steppers and basalt rounds are 30mm thick which "sit well" into the soil with little effort, although sometimes its easier to put some sand down first depending on your soil type. (Thinner stepping stones mostly need to be set into mortar, to eliminate movement when walked on).
You can also compare our 500x500x30mm pavers in Black Velvet or Amber, if you prefer a more formal appearance. These can be laid directly into sand or soil as a garden path or laid into crushed rock then mortar.
Our stepping stones come in two colours, black and a soft beige.
Our stepping stones are equally at home in a Japanese or native Australian garden. But typically the Japanese garden looks better in the black stepping stones, especially when contrasted white pebbles.

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