V Bluestone Drop Face - Class 1 Premium

Class 1 Bluestone. This is our Premium Bluestone featuring warm blue grey tones. The cats paw (small holes) feature occasionally and there is minimum colour variation the stone. Importantly the stone retains its original colour throughout its life.

Class 1 Bluestone 

This describes our premium range of Bluestone. The stone is selected to be the best available of it’s type.  It typically features a oxidisation resistant stone, sometime called rusting. This means the stone retains its original appearance over a very long period of time.

Class 2 Bluestone

Bluestone this describes bluestone quarried to best fulfil a budget price. The stone is always long lasting however may container high levels of iron (which cause significant colour changes over a period of time).  This type of stone commands a lesser price on the international market and the colour changes may not be visible at time of purchase as time (and water) is required to facilitate the changes.   Sometimes the stone may also feature more variation in the cats paw (hole size).

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