Bluestone drop face tiles packing method

How to Pack Bluestone Pool Coping Tiles

How to Pack Bluestone Pool Coping Tiles

It is important that your supplier uses correct packing methods, especially for pool coping tiles as the corners will chip easily during transport from China to Australia. Using foam strips between the tiles helps prevent damage to corners.

As shown in the photo are Bluestone drop face tiles, all the contact areas between tiles are carefully protected by foam strips. Even Bluestone is very dense stone & each drop face tile is cut into one piece without joint, appropriate packing, protection and transportation are needed to maintain the top quality of individual Bluestone pavers.

drop face dark grey Granite

What are Granite Pool Coping Tiles

Granite Pool Coping Tiles

Granite pool coping tiles provide an excellent non-slip clean edge solution for around swimming pools and spas, providing that important finishing touch making it aesthetically pleasing. There are different stone profiles for pool surrounds, including bullnose coping pavers which are particularly people friendly, (children can safely sit on the edge of the pool) and drop face pool coping tiles which stand out from the crowd, giving a modern finished edge for pool coping tiles. We also stock square edge pool coping tiles, all carefully selected for suitability for pool coping tiles.

This gives the project two advantages.

1. Safety. The bullnose tile for pool coping is rounded at the edge reducing the possibility of damage resulting from falling.

2. The specially designed coping enhances the final appearance of the project.

The bullnose tile has one edge rounded, making it safe and pleasant to walk on as well as providing an attractive finish. The best looking Granite Bullnose tiles are 30mm thick as it gives a very substantial feel to the project.

The drop face tiles are cut from one block of stone. This results in the step tread and riser being joined together. This means there is no grout joint between the riser and step tread. The final result is a clean and sophisticated and suits modern architecture very well.