Bluestone pavers quality control process

Where do Bluestone pavers come from? Part 8 Quality Control

Bluestone Pavers Quality Control Process

This video demonstrates the quality control process in the factory manufacturing Bluestone pavers.

Why Quality Control Matters

It is important to select Bluestone suitable for Australian conditions and fixing methodologies. Not all Bluestones are “stable” and will not respond well to laying in mortar. This is well documented in the Discovering Stone magazine by the Australian Stone Advisory Association.

Edwards Slate & Stone was the first company in Australia to import Bluestone and offer it to the domestic market thus reducing the cost of purchase dramatically.
Our Bluestone has the longest and a perfect track record for responding well to local fixing methodologies. In addition it closely resembles Australian Bluestone with “cats paw” (small holes) thus creating aesthetic interest in the stone. This type of Bluestone has outstanding wear characteristics and provides excellent results in the long term. In other words, your Bluestone will last a generation.

Bluestone tiles are great pool coping