Bluestone Tiles 800x400mm $35 per m2. Bluestone Pavers 30mm $41.50 per m2.
Modena Dark Granite 800x400mm $39.50 per m2.
Titian Brown Crazy Paving $34.65 per m2.
Travertine Filled and Honed 610x406mm $49.50 per m2.
Polished Marble 600x400mm $55 per m2. Marble Indoor Coping/Steps 600x400mm $15 each.


Premium Grade Stone Supplier in Melbourne

Not all stone is the same. There is first, second and commercial-grade stone pavers.
Buying & installing Natural Stone Pavers can represent a significant investment.
Edwards provides the premium grade outdoor stone pavers & indoor flooring tiles for your project based on three generations of experience in stone masonry.
It’s easy to see the difference, call in and inspect our stock to compare!

Competitive Prices

We are the importer and selling direct to the public, ensures our prices are competitive to any comparable stone.
Being the largest stock holding stone supplier in Melbourne, all items displayed on the website are held in stock. All our stone is ready for inspection & delivery.
Looking for cheap pavers at a bargain price? Our factory outlet next to our showroom, offers slightly imperfect seconds, and end of batch stone tiles at heavy discounted prices.

Stone Pool Coping

Stone pool coping provides an excellent non-slip clean edge solution for around swimming pools and spas, providing that important finishing touch making it aesthetically pleasing.

We provide many different stone profiles for pool surrounds, including bullnose finish which are particularly people friendly, (children can safely sit on the edge of the pool) and drop face tiles which stand out from the crowd, giving a modern finished edge for pool coping tiles.

We also stock square edge finish, all carefully selected for suitability for pool coping pavers.

Outdoor Pavers

Visit the largest warehouse and showroom in Melbourne for outdoor Travertine and Limestone pavers. We stock premium grade Turkish Travertine which features light colours and an even distribution of holes which results in an incredibly beautiful floor after installation.

Indoor Marble & Travertine Tiles

We stock European Marble and Turkish Travertine suitable for indoor use and patio plus alfresco areas, this allows for a seamless flow through effect. Our Honed & Filled Travertine works well for interior and exterior applications because of its slip-resistant characteristics.

Class 1 Bluestone

This type of Bluestone is the best available in Austalia and is our favourite. It is from a particular quarry in Fujian province in China and most closely resembles Australian Bluestone in colour, texture and catspaw distribution.
It is a stable type of bluestone and does not require fixing additives in the mortar making it a tradesman‘s favourite. This reduces costs substantially during the fixing process. Edwards was the first to release this Bluestone into the Victorian Melbourne market and it is unsurpassed in quality.

Granite Pavers

Our Granite are suitable for all landscaping & pool surrounds. The surface of the pavers have been flamed to enhance the colours & create a slip resistant surface. After flaming, the tiles have been further worked so they are pleasant to touch, great for sitting on around pools.

  • Best stone imitation porcelain, the final effect is close to nature.
  • European quality, manufactured to last.
  • Slip resistant, for safety.
  • 20mm thick, for high wear areas and exterior applications.
  • Can be laid on the “pod” system, for use on balconies and fast laying.
  • Can be laid with adhesive or mortar, for general landscaping projects.

All our natural stone steppers and are 30mm thick which “sit well” into the soil with little effort.
Stepping stones be laid directly into sand or soil as a garden path or laid into crushed rock then mortar.