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Random Crazy Paving

Crazy paving is a random selection of sized pavers. A good landscaper will utilise a combination of different sizes to create a pattern that imitates the beauty of naturally-found stone. The nature of crazy paving will vary considerably in both colour and shapes depending on the type of stone, so its best to view the stone in the crates. We stock slates, limestones and bluestone in crazy paving. Please note we only sell crazy paving in multiples of 1m². The recommended cutting allowance for crazy paving is 15 - 25% depending on the width of grout joints and shaping of the stone (i.e. curved pathway). 

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    Silver Mist

    $67.73 per m2


    $67.73 per m2


    $57.86 per m2

    Moonstone Crazy

    $64.09 per m2

    Golden Brown Crazy

    $67.80 per m2

    Black Velvet Crazy

    $46.50 $30.00 per m2

    Bluestone Crazy

    $71.34 per m2

    Opal Crazy

    $51.47 per m2

    Pewter Crazy

    $59.70 per m2

    Amber Crazy

    $50.20 per m2

    Otway Crazy

    $63.32 per m2

    Sunset Crazy

    $62.05 $37.61 per m2
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